Dave Amey 60 years with the club

From Dave Amey, recently celebrating 60 years as a club member.

In the late 1940’s after the horrors of war sport and recreation became so important for the health of the people. On this wave of enthusiasm and hope for the future the origional Salisbury athletic club was formed in 1946. It took a long time and a great deal of effort before the Salisbury area had the athletic facilities it so desperately needed but that day eventually dawned. The dream of so many became a reality when in 1993 (as the Salisbury Journal reported) “The Salisbury District Council has provided a new 400m sinthetic facility at the cost of £500,000 on land given by South Wilts Grammar School and Wiltshire Education Authority”. The track was officially opened by the local council in June 1993 for casual public use, the athletic club having had access in 1992. Over the following years the City of Salisbury Athletic and Running Club has played a vital part in encouraging people young and old, able bodied and some not so fortunate, to become more active. It would be a travesty to loose such a facility provided by the City of Salisbury for the local area to an Academy seeking to become more financially stable. Please give Cosarac your support.