Running club hits back at school claims

Statement to Valley News from

Lee Ness, chairman of City of Salisbury Athletics and Running Club

18 Nov ‘17

City of Salisbury Athletics and Running Club strongly refuted the claim by South Wilts Grammar that the school  is “working hard to maintain the valuable track agreement.” Or if it is, it certainly is no longer talking with the athletics club about it.

Even in a letter from the Head to all parents dated yesterday, 17th Nov, it was claimed that the school is “endeavouring to communicate with the relevant bodies to try to resolve the issue as soon as possible.”

Not so:  as the track’s main user, it is difficult to see how the running club does not have very real relevance to the issue. But the club has not received a single communication from the school since the breakdown of negotiations earlier this month.

And it’s not just about the money!  The school has suddenly laid claim to the clubhouse which was built and paid for by club members 20 years ago. It has been used week in, week out by the clubhouse ever since, until Nov 9th. On that date the school became the sole key-holder and has now locked the club out from both track and clubhouse.

As for the school’s claim to being clear and open, VN readers should know that the club has been excluded from talks between the school and the council, simply being informed afterwards of the outputs: that’s not the club’s understanding of a consultative process.



For further information please contact:

John Ruskin, City of Salisbury A and RC press officer

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